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postheadericon Suburb area near the Newcastle district with good schools for your kids

Are you planning to move to a suburb area right now? Are you looking for a place that close to the Newcastle but worry about the education of your kids? If it is true, then you may be considering to live in the Real Estate Agents Rankin Park. Rankin park is one of many suburbs in the New South Wales, Australia. It’s located just about 11 km from the Newcastle central business district. It is splited between the Lake Macquarie city and the city of the Newcastle.

This area isn’t just about a peaceful place to live with many good and kind neighbors. This area also offers schools for the education for your kids. There are some schools located not far from the Rankin Park. So even though you live in the suburb, you don’t have to worry that your kids have to go far away for education. There are 3 schools that available near the area. There are Wallsend South Public School, Ellermore Vale Public School, and a little bit further to the southwest you got the Cardiff North Public School. This area also offers an infant school. It is located southeast from the Rankin park called New Lambton Heights Infants School. With these school available, you definitely don’t have to worry about your child of your kid’s education.

If you are also looking for hangout places with your kids, the Rankin park has Blackbutt picnic area near the North Lambton. If you want to take your kids with you to some cafe or restaurant for a family dinner, there are some recommended restaurant located south from the Rankin park. There are Criniti’s Kotara, Paul’s Asian Affair Restaurant, Babbingtons Bar & Grill, and also Lizotte’s Restaurant. If you also worry about the hospital, there are some nearby ones, especially near Newcastle. You may consider buying a house near the Rankin park because of many facilities that you can get for your kids.